ONE App Connected to SEVEN Wireless Sensors

Measuring, Recording, Date Stamping, Gamifying Then Reporting On

Hundreds of Strength, ROM & Balance Exercises

Resulting in Substantially Increased Engagement, A Reduced Number of NO-SHOWS, Quicker Assessment Times & Reduced Time To Function (Return to Play)
Ultimately Improving Outcomes at Lower Costs




Rehab Gaming


Follow Up


Many Current Rehabilitation Tools

Mostly Single purpose
Many Require Manual Entry
Time Consuming
Generate Many Data Silos
Provide Little if any Progress Reporting
Lack Portability
Little if Any Engagement

The KFORCE Solution

  • Easy to use
  • Most comprehensive – 90% of Exercises w/120 validated protocols
  • Setup target ranges
  • Huge increase in engagement  … Reducing No-Shows by as Much as 60%
  • Consistent measurements
  • Easily Generated Shareable Graphic & Quantitative Reports
  • Teleheath / Home rehab
  • HIPPA (Dec 2021)

View quantitative results in real-time

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Tablet Function

  • Displays All Measurements For all Sensors .. No Displays on Sensors
  • Houses Database of All Patients or Athletes
  • Houses All Ready to Use &  Custom Exercises + Protocols
  • Ability to Gamify Exercises
  • All Exercise & Protocol Measurements are linked to  Athlete Profile
  • Quickly Generates Personalized, Quantitative + Progress Reports

View quantitative results in real-time

A fully integrated wireless solution: 1 App – 7 Sensors

Designed to assess and train for strength, balance and range of motion

Ready-to-use & custom-made protocols

Immediate, personalized quantitative results

Patient motivation increase >50%


Connected dedicated dynamometer that measures both grip and finger strength. Ideal for patients who have suffered upper body trauma or who are experiencing neurological issues .


Connected Pneumatic Dynamometer that converts variations in pressure to a measure of force.
The Bubble is compatible with a variety of inflatable products

Muscle Controller

Hand-held dynamometer that allows for isometric force measurements of various muscular groups for given prescriptions in order to quantify progress following injury.


Connected goniometer enabling range of motion measurements (ROM) for various joints based on an initial reference position.
Sens is the ideal tool for joint assessment or biofeedback exercising.


Force plates enabling static and dynamic postural balance measurements on a variety of movements.
Sturdy, lightweight, compatible with numerous accessories, ideal for the assessment and work in proprioception


These force platforms are dedicated to the advanced biomechanical analysis of sports performance.
Thanks to their design, load capacity and high sampling frequency, DELTAS measure Physical Performance in a completely versatile and fast manner compared to any other system on the market.


Use the KFORCE Link dynamometer for measuring isometric strength and biofeedback training with the KFORCE APP. Perform operator-independent measurements. It can be easily secured to a physiotherapist table, to wall bars or to a pulley system. Link is provided with accessories for turnkey use measuring forces of up to 660 Lbs (300Kg):



$ 35/350 Monthly / Yearly
  • Assessment & management
  • Customizable account
  • Enhanced work
  • Cloud : 3 mobile devices
  • Protocols


$ 115/1150 Monthly / Yearly
  • Assessment & management
  • Customizable account
  • Enhanced work
  • Cloud : 20 mobile devices
  • Protocols
  • Biolab