What Is Core Boot

Core Boot is a revolutionary, patented tool designed for effective fascial training and rehabilitation. With its innovative approach, Core Boot excels in sensory-based training, releasing tension, enhancing ankle mobility, and boosting dynamic stability. By prioritizing the health of both neurovascular and myofascial systems (muscles and fascia), Core Boot serves as a key tool for promoting overall wellness. Its creation was driven by the goal of raising awareness about the significance of fascial fitness

What does it do - core boot benefits

What does CORE BOOT DO - MAIN benefits

  • Targets arterial and fascial tension, beginning with the feet.
  • Promotes oxygenation and blood flow to soft tissues.
  • Rejuvenates the heel and activates the plantar fascia to enhance loading patterns and biomechanics.
  • Improves ankle mobility & dynamic stability.
  • Trains your fascia  & keeps your connective tissues healthy
  • Enhances ankle mobility and dynamic stability.
    Improves body awareness in space, which is crucial for safety and athletic performance

Ultimately Helps to prevent injuries.

Why use core boot

  • It’s essential for everyone to integrate fascial fitness into their training regimen for maintaining a strong and flexible body. The traditional approach of solely focusing on individual muscles is no longer effective. Elite athletes, strength coaches, and therapists recognize the importance of incorporating fascial workouts to prevent injuries to connective tissues.
  • Our feet serve as the foundation for all movements and play a crucial role in accessing our neurovascular and myofascial systems.
  • This complex interconnected network of fascia, arteries, and nerves often leads to ongoing movement limitations, emotional barriers, and recurring injuries.
  • Maintaining proper arterial flow in the lower leg is vital for muscle function, connective tissue health, and overall heart well-being. Consequently, ensuring smooth interaction between muscles and fascia is crucial for ankle mobility. This harmony allows calf muscles to contract efficiently, aiding the effective circulation of venous blood back to the heart. In Tom Myers’ Anatomy Trains, you’ll discover that key fascial lines—the superficial front line (SFL), superficial back line (SBL), lateral line (LL), spiral line (SL), and deep front line (DFL)—all either originate or culminate in the feet.

    Ultimately One of The Only Ways To Hydrate Connective Tissues

When to use core boot

  • Use it for quick foot release in the morning and before bedtime (5-10 minutes).
  • Prepare your ankles before training or any physical activity by utilizing it as a prepping tool. The core boot’s pockets keep the myofascial balls in place, allowing focused drills on dorsi or plantarflexion (5-10 minutes).
  • Relieve foot and lower leg tension after training, a game, or traveling (5-10 minutes).
  • Combine it with resistance bands for core stability training, offering a unique multi-dimensional strength experience. Adapt the pull region in functional training by anchoring the resistance bands to different parts of the foot to activate various foot muscles (15-30 minutes).

Morning, Before Bedtime, Pre+Post Workout

Myofascial Release Balls

Beyond Stretch myofascial massage balls can be used alone for any localized myofascial releases or with CoreBoot. These balls have two different surfaces to provide a dual experience. One half is smooth for gentle arterial release and for those with higher sensitivity before progressing to deeper sensory-rich drills. The second half has bumpy nubs for targeting deeper layers underneath the skin.

Core Boot

Core Boot can be used in several ways. Resistance bands alone can be anchored to either part of the foot to conveniently adapt the pull region in your functional training to activate diferent muscles in the feet. The two pockets in the core boot allow the balls to stay in place so you can address dorsi or plantarflexion - focused drils. Using a core boot with balls and rsistance bands alows you to train proprioception, dynamic stability & multidimensional strength simultaneously.

Multifunctional Resistance Band

Beyond Stretch Multifunctional Bands are versatile in resistance and usage. Their continuous loop design provides an easy way to manipulate your resistance. With the hooks on one end, you can connect each band to Core Boot for mindful functional training. Can be used alone for upper or lower - body training.

Mini Resistance Band

The Beyond Stretch Mini Resistance Band is versatile and highly effective. Can be used for stability training. Can be combined with the Core Boot to enhance training difficulty levels.