Discover Phoenix Thera-Lase: The Future of Healing & Pain - Relief

The Phoenix Thera-Lase System can induce certain photochemical reactions (biostimulation or photo-biostimulation) in the soft tissues of both humans and animals.

Deeper Penetrations

Higher Power

Wider Beam Diameter

Superior Technology

Phoenix Thera-Lase Systems Has Exclusive Process Patents On The Most Feasible And Efficacious Wavelength For Laser Energy –
That Being A Wavelength With Sufficient Penetrating And Absorption Qualities To Allow Delivery Deep Into Tissues.

True & More Power

The patented wavelengths, in conjunction with the custom, strategic internal design of these systems, allow energy levels that are ten to two hundred times higher in effective energy delivered to the injured tissue; in comparison with alternative therapeutic laser devices.

Our systems deliver “True Power”. All our units are equipped with a single LED  transducer, that uniformly delivers the exact rated power as opposed to having multiple LED transducers that do not either, deliver  the rated power evenly or deliver power at lower levels.

Better Treatment

Lower powered lasers of non-optimal wavelengths lead to substantially higher rates of absorption of light energy by melanin (skin pigment) and higher absorption rates by hemoglobin (human blood). These devices are by necessity underpowered—impairing their ability to achieve clinically significant results on the scale with The Phoenix Thera-Lase Systems.

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