Proprioception Training 2.0, The True Next Level in Kinesthetic Awareness While Sitting

Core-Tex Sit

Core-Tex Sit Intro

Anthony Carey, the creator of Core-Tex, provides a brief introduction to ensure that your experience with Core-Tex Sit is successful from the beginning!

Core-Tex Sit The Foundational Five

The Foundational Five are specific exercises designed to help your lower back, pelvic floor, and hips. You can do these movements with the Core-Tex Sit, as shown by Dr. Leeds. She gives useful tips to help you do these exercises correctly.

Doing each movement 5-10 times a few times a day can make you feel good and offset the negative effects of sitting for long periods.

Core-Tex Sit Exercise Progressions and Regressions

In this video, Dr. Leeds offers practical suggestions to broaden your possibilities with Core-Tex Sit. She discusses straightforward modifications that enable you to enhance or lessen the difficulty and intricacy of your movements on the Core-Tex Sit.

Core-Tex Sit Upper Body Strengthening with Weights

Elevate your seated fitness routine with Core-Tex Sit. Offering greater mobility than a stability ball and conveniently adaptable to a chair or bench, Core-Tex Sit introduces a core training component to every upper body exercise.